Spend a refreshing day at Ukkohalla, where all services are nearby. We have av-equipped meeting rooms, a large multifunctional conference rooms, and catering services for meeting coffees to dinner events. You can finish your meeting day in the gentle and relaxing UkkohallaSpa & SaunaWorld.

Relaxing events in Hotel Ukkohalla

Ukkohalla is an exciting destination for meetings – we have years of experience in organizing meetings, seminars, staff days and much more.

With beautiful lake views and state-of-the-art AV equipment, our meeting rooms provide easy access to small and large meetings and events, even for hundreds of participants.

As a meeting place, Ukkohalla is a refreshing alternative also for longer occasions, as it is also easy to spend the extra time in ski slopes, cable wakeboard, hiking trails, bowling alley, sauna world, gym and other activities organized by our experienced staff. 

Hint: Surprise the guests of the new kind of activity meeting, for example, in Ukkohalla you can arrange a meeting in a sauna, a walking meeting, a yoga meeting and much more!